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Toyota Prius Recall Issued Due to Vehicles’ Software Problems

February 25, 2014

A recently announced Toyota Prius recall has been issued due to reported programming errors that are causing software problems.

A recently announced Toyota Prius recall has been issued due to reported programming errors that are causing software problems.

On February 12, 2014, Toyota announced that it would be recalling its third-generation Prius hybrid vehicles due to reported programming errors that are causing software problems. This vehicle equipment defect is reportedly causing some of the vehicles’ transistors to overheat, resulting in a sudden loss of power and the vehicle coming to an immediate stop if it is being driven when this software problem occurs.

According to Toyota officials:

  • The company has received more than 400 reports of this software problem affecting Prius vehicles since 2011.
  • To date, there have been no reported car accidents or injuries caused by this equipment malfunction.
  • This Prius recall will affect approximately 1.9 million Prius vehicles worldwide, with about 713,000 of these vehicles being located in North America.

Some industry professionals who have been closely monitoring vehicle recalls in recent years have pointed out that vehicle recalls like the recent Toyota Prius recall are occurring more often in recent years because:

  • Hybrid vehicles are more complicated than some traditional cars, and they tend to rely more heavily on software.
  • There is a tendency for vehicle equipment manufacturers to try to interchange parts like transistors between different makes and models of vehicles in an effort to save costs; however, this practice can increase the risk of equipment malfunctions.

Another Toyota Recall Expected…

Not part of this recall but expected to be announced in the near future is another Toyota recall that will reportedly affect various SUVs and trucks produced by this manufacturer. While this recall is also reportedly related to software problems that are causing serious vehicle equipment malfunctions, it will specifically affect approximately 260,000 RAV4 crossovers, Lexus SUVs and Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks.

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