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Deadly Motorcycle Crash Caused by Driver on Prescription Drugs

November 13, 2013

As reported by 11 News in Colorado Springs, the fatal motorcycle crash of October 13, 2013 on Interstate 25 just south of Fountain, Colorado may have been caused by a woman who had taken a prescription drug.  Reygan Long of LaJunta allegedly collided into a motorcyclist, David Cisneros, with the impact resulting in his death.  According to reports, Ms. Long was driving with a revoked license and was observed displaying signs of impairment which led to a roadside sobriety test.  She apparently admitted to taking Celexa and Zanex earlier in the day.  She failed the sobriety test and was placed under arrest.

As an experienced motorcyclist, I certainly know the dangers of riding on our roadways.  Many different actions by other motorists can result in a deadly accident.  Driving under the influence of medications and causing the death of a motorcycle rider is just one such unfortunate circumstance.  If you or a loved one have experienced something similar and require a motorcycle accident attorney in Colorado, feel free to contact our office.  We are ready to provide you with a free initial assessment of your potential claim.

-Shawn McDermott


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