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Client Testimonials

If you are battling an insurance company, you NEED McDermott Law Firm. There is no way for the “little person” to have success against the “Big Insurance Companies” going it alone. Mr. McDermott is a shining star in his field. His knowledge of the laws necessary for fighting insurance companies is outstanding, especially ERISA and a disability claim.

Maggie, Insurance client

Thanks for working with me and I do appreciate what you’ve been able to do for me. I know that I would not be where I am, had I not hired you!@

Beth K.

Hi Shawn,

I just received the February benefit check and was pleasantly surprised.  . . .  It’s a reaffirmation of the faith I placed in your firm and your people.  Top of the line all the way through.  I can’t thank you all enough, really, I can’t.  You and your firm have been courteous, professional, and, dare I say it, downright friendly through the whole process.  I cannot ever hope to have found a more responsive bunch of people.  You had better watch it before you give lawyers a good name.

Thank you again.  My wife, Barbara, asked that I send her thanks along as well as we were presented with a high priced prescription for her today and this will cover it!  Yeah!

Randy T. (2013)

In the first 15 minutes meeting with Shawn McDermott I was impressed with his compassion for clients and his love for his work. He recognizes that many clients are having financial difficulties because of disabilities and the need for benefits and he is very flexible with regard to billing. The day my daughter and I visited (she is the one who required his services), he had just won and important case. He was so proud of the success that he and his associates were celebrating for the client. In my daughter’s case, the appeal he prepared was brilliant and we won the case hands down. I would recommend Shawn highly. I believe when you meet him you will be impressed with his dedication and interest in your situation. Please feel free to contact me personally.

Stanley L.


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